SURF FINS: Lot’s of ’em

surfboard-finsFor more than three decades Chuck Ames and the True Ames Fins team have been at the forefront of the fiberglass fin industry. Balancing a surfer-driven design ethic with an unyielding commitment to innovation and production excellence, we have forged an international reputation in the surfing and windsurfing communities as the guys who, simply put, make your waveriding vehicle of choice work even better. After all, as Chuck likes to say, “You could have the best board in the world shaped for you but, if the fins are off, it won’t go- the thing just won’t work the way it should.” Day in and day out, it is our goal at True Ames to make sure such fin failures never happen to you.



Just a few random shots from the past few days. Was really stoked to get some glassy waves last weekend. I switched it up from an old set of clear fins to these yellow hexcore set. These were the Eric Arakawa template that were working perfect in the 3-4 foot clean surf. They really excelled in the glassy conditions and were nice for cutbacks.

Then I went for a body surf in the shorepound for some closeout tube shots with the water camera. Waiting for that big swell and good lighting to get some more.

photos: Ryan Kleiner


Hawaii usually conjures up images of blue skies and turquoise waves. Sometimes taking out the color can show the true power of the surf even more. It’s not always sunny either, so on overcast days with rain squalls lighting and water color is far from perfect as are the waves. Here are a few shots from Pipe and Rocky Point on some not so perfect days.  Although the color of the waves has been desaturated, the energy of the surf is raw and oversaturated…

These were during the lay days of the Vans World Cup of Surfing.
Photos By: Ryan Kleiner


Check out the new photo gallery on the blog.  We will be updating the photos once a week with pics from near and far… Stay tuned for photo contest info and a chance to win a “True Ames Prize Pack”  We will be announcing the photo contest theme and rules next week. So get your cameras ready!

Our Santa Barbara surf report is now located on the “wave forecast page” Updates are usually every other day and includes swell charts and local surf info for the Santa Barbara / Ventura area.